The story of the Corkscrew

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The ancestor of the Corkscrew: the barrel tendril

The Barrel Auger is an everyday tool that allows you to open wine barrels. No one knows for sure when the first “real” Corkscrew was used. It is assumed in the middle of the seventeenth century and in England.

Before it, Men used large balloon-shaped bottles (see image below) which had caps protruding outwards and were therefore easy to open with a long tool or by hand. We can also evoke the amphorae in which wine was stored in antiquity.

So, who invented the Corkscrew?

From the arrival of the first glass bottles in England at the end of the 17th century, inventors began to create instruments to facilitate the removal of corks. Its shape has been perpetually modified over the next two centuries to obtain all the ranges of corkscrews that we know today.

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The birth of the modern corkscrew

With changes in bottle design and ease of horizontal storage, tighter corks are needed. The first mention of the corkscrew can be traced back to the 1680s. These instruments are called "steel worms". They were inspired by rifle cleaning tools (cannon worms) made by gunsmiths. In the next three centuries, the inventor applied for many patents, all of which were to improve bottle opening technology.


The first patented corkscrew

The first patented bottle opener Corkscrew's first patent was filed in 1795 by Pastor Samuel Henshall of Oxford. It differs from the steel worm in that it has a disc attached to it to prevent the worm from moving far away and getting stuck. Then, in 1802, the hinged corkscrew received another patent.


A series of innovations in the corkscrew

The next major model was patented by Sir Edward Thomason in 1802. Its ingenious bottle opener mechanism has male and female threads. By inserting the button into the cork and turning the crank clockwise continuously, the cork can be pulled out quickly and easily. This innovation also gave birth to the famous "Zigzag" bottle opener.

From this were born the Single Lever Bottle Opener, Limonadier, Sommelier, screw, wing, and all modern styles, including the Screwpull type "Rabbit".


Waiter's corkscrew

It was originally called: "the waiter's friend" and "the key to wine". The waiter's corkscrew was invented by German Carl F.A. Wienke in 1802. The corkscrew can be used as a waiter's corkscrew and has a simple but practical shape, like a knife. This variant of the corkscrew is very popular in the professional service environment because of its practicality and efficiency. In fact, it not only allows the use of its small integrated blade "capsule cutter" to cut the capsule, but also untie the bottle in a simple and powerful way.

The Winged Corkscrew

The A1 Heeley Double Lever is a double lever corkscrew invented in 1888. This bottle opener spread throughout the world and in the United States in the 1930s. It was then patented by the Italian Dominick Rosati. Very practical, it quickly becomes popular because you just must turn the screw in the cork and operate the levers to open the bottle, which is much more comfortable than the old corkscrews.

 Winged Corkscrew

Anecdote: It is also called the Corkscrew de Gaulle or the Charles de Gaulle Corkscrew in France because of its design which recalls the gestures of the former president with his arms raised.


A modern bottle opener: the Screwpull

The Screwpull Corkscrew was designed by Herbet Allen in 1979. This Bottle Opener is made from Polycarbonate and Metals such as zinc. With their High-end look, even Luxury, they are very popular with individuals for their ease of use (semi-automatic) and their Original design. The prototype of this corkscrew can be found in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Arts.


The Electric Corkscrew: the technological and ergonomic ideal.

To date, no Wine or Champagne Bottle Opener is as effective as an Electric Corkscrew. 100% Automatic, this concentrate of technology that appeared in the 2000s is often associated with the top of the range of corkscrews. It is easy to use and allows opening wine bottles effortlessly. Sober at first, it is now available in many designs, each equally rich. This bottle opener is used in the professional environment because the waiters have to open a large quantity of bottles during their service, and this would pose problems of autonomy and this even being rechargeable.


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