Electric Wine Opener

We can also find little bits of technology in the world of wine, especially with the electric corkscrews: intended for the general public above all, they have many other advantages that a classic corkscrew does not have. Easy to handle, fast, no need for physical strength ... it is the perfect accessory for a home wine cellar.

How to choose your electric corkscrew ?

Overall, they all work in the same way: fast, simple, efficient. Except if you are looking to give a gift to one of your loved ones or someone who loves wine, in which case it is interesting to go for a box or a pack with many other accessories, any electric corkscrew will do. You can indulge yourself on the colors, shapes, and features : some even have an extravagant side with colored lights, a USB charger,...

If you are a person who opens a lot of bottles during the day, go for something with a long autonomy (it will avoid you to get stuck between two charges!) and with a sober and simple look. You most likely represent a brand (or are a sommelier yourself), so it's best to avoid models that are a little out of the ordinary.

How does an electric corkscrew work ?

The purpose of this kind of wine accessory is that it has been designed for simplicity above all : you just have to put it on the cork, press the button that will push the stem into the cork, and, depending on the model, press it again or press the second button. Nothing could be simpler, it's done: 6 seconds to open your favorite bottle of red wine ! The autonomy will vary from one corkscrew to another, most of them will be able to open 60 bottles on average before having to be recharged, via USB.

Who needs an electric corkscrew?

The advantage of this kind of accessory is that it corresponds to both the many wine professionals but also the amateurs. It is simply there to simplify your life when you have a lot of bottles to open with guests, or to present bottles during a tasting.

As an amateur

If you are a wine lover, of course, you lose the pleasure of pushing your classic bottle opener into the cork, pulling hard to open and then tasting, but the simplicity of an electric corkscrew is a real pleasure to have in your hands.

As a professional

For experts and professionals, it is an excellent way to reduce the physical effort during tastings and wine shows, and especially to reduce bone and muscle problems by repeating the same movement all day long.

Also think about people with a weak physical strength (or in situation of handicap), no effort is necessary for the opening, it is done all alone without needing to pull all its forces.

Advantages of the latter

The electric corkscrews have many advantages compared to the many other models you can find in supermarkets. Efficiency and reduced work hazards for sommeliers, and a super useful side for the wine lover who will be entertaining a large number of guests during the day. To see the advantages, just take a look at the other ranges to see for yourself.

Wine Opener Easy To Use
Quick to open Little effort required Good Price
 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
De Gaulles ✔️
Sommelier ✔️


That's right, aside from the price being slightly higher than a traditional corkscrew, our electric friends will solve all the little problems customers have with a wine accessory. What do you mean you still haven't made your choice?

Different corkscrews on the market

Obviously, there are a lot of different corkscrews that populate the kitchens of the world and sometimes electric may not be the answer. Indeed, many people will prefer the traditional side, with the effort of pulling the cork and especially hearing the legendary noise when the cork comes out of the bottle. In this case, it is better to go for a de Gaulles or a Sommelier corkscrew. Halfway between the classic and electric corkscrews, there are those that have a lever and minimize the effort of opening, a very popular alternative lately.

They will mostly be distinguished by the look, the integration of additional tools to offer, but also the price. In this last case, electrics are not always the best solution, but you have to sacrifice all these numerous advantages with a cost after all!

The essential accessories

An electric corkscrew is unfortunately not enough on its own to fill everything that a good bottle of red or white wine requires. Many of our customers will opt for packs (also called boxes) that will include a vacuum stopper, a cap cutter and the indispensable pouring spout to aerate their wine as soon as it comes out of the bottle.

This way, you can have the whole set to accompany your wine cellar and your greatest vintages, but it is also the occasion to renew your wine equipment and to give a new look to all your corkscrews that are starting to have the rusty wick.

Many will also start on packs (or make their own selection through our store) in order to offer for a birthday or a big event among relatives. A great wine lover will always be very happy to try new corkscrews and accessories that surround the sommeliers: a gift that can't fail, and that will always be appreciated!