Blue Electric Wine Opener Rechargeable & Automatic

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Description of the Electric Wine Opener

Be among this novelty area with the Electric Wine Opener, able to open a wine bottle in 6 seconds. It will ease the task and even be funnier. That is the item you want in your kitchen.

What does the Black Electronic Corkscrew have to offer you ?
Keep in mind already that this corkscrew is finished with the deflections when opening your bottles of wine. Thanks to the fact that it is automatic and electronic, you just have to place it on the bottle, activate it, and it takes care of opening the latter on its own. In just a few seconds, your wine is uncorked and ready to taste. Its material used for its manufacture (aluminum), offers you unparalleled durability and strength. Investing in it guarantees its use for a long time. Plus, it has a long battery life, so you won't have to charge it multiple times. It can open many bottles in one use. This is one of the reasons why this wine opener can also be used by professionals. Its design allows it not to go unnoticed; which will help you mark or impact your hosts and customers.

A big event is coming up ? 
Who wouldn't prefer the ease and speed of unblocking using this product?
This is the perfect gift that will surely please a wine enthusiast. With a very advantageous autonomy (around 80 bottles), it will make its place on your table and impress your guests. It is an Electric Wine Opener Rechargeable that allows you to open your refined wines. Remarkable for its elegance, it is made of an aluminum alloy which guarantees both strengths, but also ergonomics with a very pleasant touch.
The advantages of the blue electric corkscrew box
The first advantage you have over buying the blue electric corkscrew box is the savings you make. You spend less, to have more. The second benefit is that you make your life easier since you are comfortable using the blue electric corkscrew. No need to sweat everywhere before uncorking the bottle. Also finished with the little bumps that appear on the palms of the hands, once after struggling with the corkscrew to open the wine. The third advantage is that you will be fashionable by purchasing this item. As a professional, you will be more efficient and appreciated; and as an individual, you will be envied.

Details of the product

  • Metal Type: Zinc Alloy, Stainless
  • Rated Power: 5W
  • Color : Silver and Blue
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