Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Don't be afraid to look for your bottle opener for hours

The favorite choice of beer lovers in 2021 : the wall-mounted bottle opener is now an integral part of more and more homes in France, and why not yours? It's simple, practical, and with a wide range of designs to match your home decor.

Let us direct you to the right Wall Mounted Bottle Opener for you: simple to attach, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, practical for opening your beers at any time without having to go from drawer to drawer to find your bottle opener.

Wall mounting the bottle opener

First of all, you have to be aware that there are not only screws to have a wall-mounted bottle opener that holds properly. Some models are for example magnetic, with powerful magnets that will be able to resist the pressure given when opening a beer. However, you can't put it everywhere, the surface must be metallic (plate, fridge, cupboard,...).

The second option is the ones that will be hung with a double-sided tape: there are very few of them, because it often causes too much damage to the wallpaper, they are mostly dedicated to exterior walls.

Finally, the models with screws are going to be those which resist the most, but require to make some holes in the wall. They will have between 2 and 6 screws according to the models, this said you have the option of nailed fasteners but these last ones hold much less well in place when you uncap a drink or a beer.

Finding the perfect location for your wall mounted bottle opener

Obviously, there are a lot of places you can hang your bottle opener, but as you saw above, you have to think twice about the type of mounting.

We'd always recommend placing it as close as possible to where you enjoy your favorite beers and bottles, which makes sense. But not all wall-mounted bottle openers have a receptacle for the caps, so make sure you can either retrieve them easily by hand or be over a trash can.

And of course, have a bottle opener you like

Besides the pocket option that you can always have on you or in your bag, the classic bottle opener will have to be chosen carefully because it will be an integral part of your walls! Like a picture, it can also be a great decorative element for your kitchen or living room.

Some of them are still very classic, but you can always opt for a more elegant and graceful model with design elements that reflect your passions and your current decoration: stag horns, a gun, a reworked beer...

Moreover, you have the choice through several materials, which can perfectly match with your wallpaper and your furniture. Very often, you will have to make the difficult choice between a wooden wall-mounted bottle opener and a metal one, but we reassure you, both are largely equal in terms of resistance and durability!