Wine Opener

What are the types of Wine Opener ?

Almost everyone has a classic corkscrew in his kitchen or wine cellar, at least the classic one we all know: manual, with a classic worm (or stem) in the shape of a pigtail, to penetrate the cork without any worries and open our favorite bottles of wine.

That said, there are several different types of corkscrews depending on the efforts you wish to make, the practicality or simply the look of them: here, we will help you to make your choice and find your way among all these products.

Electric Wine Opener

We present it first because it is the favorite of the public: it is simple, fast, effective. You just have to put it at the top of the bottle, press a button and it will do the rest for you. The only drawback is that you have to recharge it from time to time, but for all that it does, it's well worth it.

De Gaulle Wine Opener

The De Gaulle corkscrew is a great classic for kitchens and restaurants: easy to use and requires less effort than a corkscrew without locks. With an excellent quality-price ratio, you just have to push the worm into the cork of your wine bottle and activate the levers and the turn is done!

Corkscrew Sommelier

This is often the 3-in-1 tool most appreciated by wine lovers, and often found in restaurants: it allows you to open the cap in no time with the small blade at the top of the corkscrew, push the stem, and press the metal part (which is also a bottle opener most of the time!) against the neck. Of course, with a little pressure, you will get rid of the cork!

Wine opener with Lever

Lever action corkscrews are the alternative to the sommelier and De Gaulle with less effort and simplicity in opening a bottle of red wine. As its name indicates, once the wick is pushed in, all you have to do is press the lever and you are ready to taste!

How to choose a Wine Opener?

In fact, we would be tempted to direct you towards the corkscrew that seems the most practical and adapted to your budget. That said, to go into a little more detail, some are more suitable as a gift for lovers of good wine if you do not opt for a complete wine opener set.

To offer

We recommend above all the electric corkscrew, which is sure to please a great wine lover : he or she will very often invite people to taste, and very quickly a large number of bottles will have to be opened. With this, a bottle holder could be perfect!

For you

If you are a professional or a wine merchant, think first of all about the number of bottles you are going to open: go for the simplest, with a corkscrew you like, because it will always be on you! In case you want to taste a bottle from time to time, you can opt for a Sommelier, for the super practical all-in-one.