Wine Rack

A bottle holder for your most prestigious wines

We always want to showcase our most beautiful bottles of red wine, and bottle holders are often the best alternative to give the luxury that the bottle deserves rather than just putting it on the table.

Of course, it is up to you to arrange them where you want, to take them out only in big events or simply to use them as a decorative element, but one thing is sure: whether you are a restaurant owner or a private individual, it will be a real eye-catcher for your guests!

Allow us to guide you through our various choices of bottle holders and find the perfect support for your living room, kitchen or wine cellar.

Types of Wine Racks

Depending on the number of wine bottles you want to display, the location, and the materials you want to use, there will be a lot of choices available to you. Some will even have extras, like stemware holders and corkscrew. The ideal to offer with an accompanying wine opener box for a wine lover or professional.

Single Bottle Holder

This is where we will see the most original designs, they are often dedicated to your most prestigious bottle in the wine cellar, or your choice to enjoy with your guests. This kind of bottle holder is easy to move, takes up little space, and keeps excellent stability despite the weight of the bottle. The only drawback: you can only put one bottle on it!

3-5 bottle holder

For the average size, this is perfect for most amateur sommeliers. There's enough room for a mini wine cellar with fancy bottles, or just to store your bottles if you're an amateur who likes to have a drink here and there.

This is the kind of rack that is still very easy to move, sometimes even foldable or with a handle to take it with you to friends or simply change the location where your bottles are displayed.

Support more than 5 bottles

We enter the Bottle Racks that are not really so easy to move and are very often dedicated to people with an already established wine cellar, or even restaurateurs. They can be made of wood or metal, in order to resist humidity without fear of damaging the bottles, but they are not the most design of the collection.

Some models could almost be considered as a wine rack or cabinet, but they are still "within the norm" to be displayed in the living room or the kitchen without being too obvious.