Wooden Wine Rack

Display your bottles with a certain charm

The rustic and natural side of a Wooden Wine Rack is often enough to showcase your most beautiful bottles of wine and give a unique decorative touch to your kitchen or living room.

The advantage of wood on a wine rack is that it reminds us of the vineyards and the authentic and traditional side. In addition to being durable, it is a display that tells a story, and catches the eye!

Choosing the right model of Wooden Bottle Holder

Depending on the model, the number of bottles it can hold will vary, from a single bottle to 10 or 12 bottles.

In addition to this, some Bottle Racks will be able to have a handle, or at least an easy-to-move support to enjoy the wine around the table when you have guests. The ideal is to opt for a model of Wooden Bottle Holder that also has support for stemmed glasses, and add a wine opener box to have the whole thing on one and the same support!

You can of course stack some racks to display more bottles, or separate some from your wine cellar, such as the most prestigious wines in your collection !