4 in 1 High-Tech Automatic Electric Wine Opener

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Description of the High-Tech Electric Wine Opener

4 reasons to buy this amazing product :

Simple and quick opening : This automatic electric wine opener can easily open the wine bottle in 6 and 8 seconds and it is available in many colors. There is an aluminum foil cutter that makes it easy to remove, and there is simple button operations that help you stay elegant and have more time to enjoy wine with family and friends without struggling. Plus with its sober accessories, you can only become anything but a master of opening wine. 

Easy to charge : It is built with a rechargeable battery, that is equipped with a universal USB data cable, and it can open up to 60 bottles (approx.) on one charge. It is reusable, energy-saving, and environmental protection. Obviously more convenient than a classic battery-powered electric bottle opener.

High-quality and stylish design : The main piece of this set, the wine opener, is made of high-quality stainless steel. The soft blue LED is activating while the cork is being removed, and the red LED is on when the cork is totally left. Its lightweight is a real plus. It is designed for easy carrying to enjoy your favorite wine anytime, everywhere.

Perfect gift for any occasion : This incredible wine opener is indeed the perfect gift to offer for any wine lover and professional. It can be used in any situation in life, for any occasion such as important and significant events, or just for a casual dinner with your friends. Enjoy your wine and enjoy life elegantly with this 4 in 1 High-Tech Automatic Electric Wine Opener.

Detail of the product 

  • Color : Silver  Aluminum, Black  Aluminum, Blue  Aluminum, Matte Black  Stopper
  • Material : Stainless Steel, sturdy carbon steel 
  • Blue Led 
  • Accesssories : 1x Vaccum Stopper, Wine Pourer
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