Ah-So Vintage Cork Puller

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Description of the Vintage Cork Puller

This new vintage wine opener looks strange, but it’s a true wine opening important tool that can be been easily stored or carried with you. It can extract a cork without damaging it to sample the wine before re-inserting the stopper. The stopper is removed by pushing the prongs between the cork and the bottle's neck and twisting the stopper out of the bottle.

Replacing corks involves taking it between the two wings, then twisting it into the bottle and pulling it out of you. It can also extract corks in bad condition which is really useful and most corkscrews can't do that. It’s also important to note that this cork puller isn't for everybody, it takes considerably more strength to use than others, and it should be used as a tool for older corks. Furthermore, it is an amazing product that every wine lover should have in their accessories, especially if they want to open their oldest bottles.

Details of the product

  • Openers Type: Wine Openers
  • Feature : Cork Remover Bottle Opener
  • Metal Type : Stainless Steel
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