Automatic Beer Bottle Popper

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Description of the Automatic Beer Bottle Popper

This product is able to tolerate the most stress by solid construction. Ingeniously constructed, it makes it durable and powerful, without mentioning its high-quality stainless steel. Caps opening success rate goes up to around 30% by improving the precision of the starting metal gear. Its portable design allows it to be stored easily in your pocket or in a handbag. The pocket size makes it perfect for occasions such as picnics, camping, travel, dining, kitchen, home bar, pub, bartender, etc... Available in two different soft colors to match any bar decoration.

Detail of the product 

  • Material : Head silicone material, sharp and flexible, stainless steel
  • Product color: North Silver
  • Size : Length 8.5cm width 5.3cm
  • Magnet with opening, adsorption cap
  • 3.5cm round caliber, caps of similar size can also be opened
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