Belt Wine Rack Home Decoration

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Description of the Belt Wine Rack

No place to store your wine? We are here to fix that ! If you want to stow your wines for a period, studies have shown that it is better to let the bottle lie down, so we did create a product that will be able to store and lie down bottles of wines to preserve its unique taste. The purpose here is to make the cork stopper able to keep in contact with the liquor to keep it moist during its storage. If the bottle is placed upright, the cork will be overly dry and will allow air to enter and damage the quality of the wine, and that would be terrible ! So here is our new product especially thought for you and your wine, plus there are different sizes! 

Detail of the product 

  • Material : Metal, Artificial leather, gold plated
  • Size : Check different sizes in pictures
  • Made mainly for wine bottles but it also fits other kinds of bottles.
  • Free Standard Bottle