Bottle Opener Ring Titanium

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Description of the Titanium Ring

Available in 3 colors, this Titanium Ring is made for you ! Its design allows you to wear it daily, plus you will be able to open bottles everywhere such as bars, parties, or even at home with style, and surprise people around you. Please check our Ring Size Guide (in pictures) to see and check what size of the ring will suits you the best.

How to use it
You have to think of the ring as a fulcrum that you are using to open the bottle cap and then apply a little of pressure while moving your ring in an upward motion. If at this point your finger starts to hurt or you are starting to feel pain, stop and retry later. Try to readjust the angle between your ring and the beer bottle and try again until you succeed.

Details of the product

  • Metals Type: Titanium Steel
  • Color : Silver, Black, Gold
  • Size : Check our guide among the pictures
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