Classic Colored Bottle Opener Ring

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Description of the Bottle Opener Ring

This truly wonderful innovation fits your finger, to try it is to adopt it. There is no exception. This Bottle Opener Ring makes opening your favorite beer as easy as a flick of your hand! Perfect for both beer connoisseurs and college party animals. You never know when your favorite alcoholic beverage will be available, so prepared with the comfortable and ultra-handy bottle opener ring.

How to use it
Think of the ring as a fulcrum that you are using to open the bottle cap and then apply a slight amount of pressure while moving your ring hand in an upward motion. If at this point your finger hurts and you feel pain, stop. Readjust the angle between the ring and the beer bottle and try again.

Details of the product 

  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Size : inner diameter of about 22mm
  • Color : black, gold, silver, red
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