Durable Corkscrew Replacement Worm

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Description of the Worm

After a certain amount of usage, sometimes corkscrews will not remove the cork as easily as they once did. Sometimes it can be a function of the corkscrew itself, especially the electric version after several years of operation. But many corkscrews have a worm that can be replaced, as that can wear out over time.

Once that new worm is installed in the corkscrew, your corkscrew should work as well as new. If you replaced the worm and still have a hard time removing the cork, it may be another part that needs replacement.  Mostly for Rabbit Corkscrew, this replacement can also fit other wine openers. Quality guaranteed this product is worth buying. It will help you to get out of many awkward situations and impress your friends ! Also, it is an important accessory if you're a wine waiter or bartender. 

Details of the product 

  • Color : Silver
  • 2 pcs
  • Material : stainless steel
  • Size :Length : 9cm
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