Gold Corkscrew

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Description of the Gold Plated Corkscrew

This easy-to-use and robust Gold Plated Design Corkscrew will definitely change your life ! Its original gold appearance gives it a luxury side. This Bottle Opener has a blade that also doubles as a bottle opener and has a 5 spiral pigtail wick. This Gold corkscrew isn't common. It is not likely to go unnoticed during your summer parties or picnics ! 

Details of the product 

  • 5 spiral pigtail wick for better plug grip
  • Double notch lever for the greater amplitude of cork extraction
  • Non-slip handle
  • Integrated bottle opener and capsule cutter blade
  • Materials : Zinc (hard and durable, anticorrosion), Stainless, Steel wick (solid, anti-corrosion)
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