Gray Electric Corkscrew Set

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Description of the Gray Set 

Do you like to taste wine from time to time? Then this product is for you. Indeed, one of the most tedious things, when you don't have the necessary and adequate tools when you want to drink wine, is opening the bottle. Using a manual corkscrew can seem so difficult for some. Fortunately, now more fun and more aesthetic accessories make your life easier when it comes to opening bottles of wine, champagne, etc. These include the gray electric corkscrew.

What does the gray electric corkscrew have to offer you?
Note already that with this corkscrew, finished with the deflections when opening your bottles of wine. Thanks to the fact that it is automatic, you just have to place it on the bottle, put it into action, and it takes care of opening the latter on its own. In just a few seconds, your wine is uncorked and ready to taste. Thanks to the material used for its manufacture (aluminum), it offers you unparalleled durability and strength. Investing in it once guarantees its use for a long time. Plus, thanks to its long battery life, you won't have to charge it multiple times. It can open to many bottles in one use. This is one of the reasons why this corkscrew can also be used by professionals. Its design allows it not to go unnoticed; which will help you mark or impact your hosts and customers.

Basically, the gray electric corkscrew gives you speed and ease in opening your wine bottles. Plus, it saves you all a kind of endless effort.

The corkscrew is good, but the box is even better
Having an electric corkscrew to open your wine is good. But opting for the box of this corkscrew is even more beneficial to you. The box consists of a gray electric corkscrew, a pouring stopper, a vacuum stopper, and a capsule cutter stopper. Do you see that buying a gray electric corkscrew box is a perfect deal? Instead of buying those essential accessories one by one, you make one purchase, and it's all there. For professionals, this is fascinating.

The advantages of the gray electric corkscrew box
The first advantage you have over purchasing the gray electric corkscrew box is the savings you make. You spend less, to have more. The second benefit is that you make your life easier since you are comfortable using the gray electric corkscrew. No need to sweat everywhere before uncorking the bottle. Also finished with the little bumps that appear on the palms of the hands, once after struggling with the corkscrew to open the wine. The third advantage is that you will be fashionable by purchasing this set. As a professional, you will be more efficient and appreciated; and as an individual, you will be envied.

Details of the product

  • Openers Type: Wine
  • Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Red,Silver,Blue
  • Package: 4pcs
  • Net weight: 0.75kg
  • Contains : 1 x Electric Wine Opener,1 x Vacuum Wine Stopper,1 x Wine Pourer,1 x Foil Cutter,1 x English User Manual
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The electric bottle opener is powered by a 4 x AA battery ( not included ), and it can open about 80 wine bottles continually for fully charged batteries. Cordless electric bottle opener removes the cork in 6 - 8 seconds