Leather Professional Box Corkscrew Drawer

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Description of the Professional Corkscrew Leather Box Drawer

Sommelier or wine enthusiasts, keep your professional equipment tidy with this magnificent Leather Box which contains a "Silver" model corkscrew as well as other high-quality accessories. This Automatic Lever Bottle Opener allows you to open your bottles quickly and easily. This corkscrew set features one of the most popular bottle openers on the market. However, its charm does not end with its reputation.

Presentation of the box
The corkscrew in this box is an automatic lever model. Easy to handle, it can be used on all types of wine bottles. Rectangular in shape, this leather box with a drawer is used to store the corkscrew and the other accessories delivered with it. It consists of a replacement wick, two chromed metal stoppers, a Bacchus necklace, a pouring cap, a foil cutter, and a wine thermometer.

The multiplicity of accessories in this corkscrew box is what makes it so original. With its many utensils, it is a perfect ally for a bar manager or a sommelier. For wine lovers, this is a must-have to easily enjoy their vintages.

Strong points of the box
The many accessories supplied with it are the main asset of this corkscrew set. In addition to helping open the bottles, they allow you to use them without pouring out their precious contents. The replacement wick of the corkscrew also allows, in the event of failure of the first, to continue to use its product.

The design of this leather case makes it easy to transport. With its beautiful shapes, it does not let guess its content. The high-quality finish of the corkscrew and its accessories is also the charm of this bottle opener set.

Details of the box

  • Leatherette box included
  • The box contains: 1 Corkscrew; 1 replacement wicks; 2 caps in chromed metal; 1 anti-drip collar (Bacchus collar); 1 capsule cutter; 1 pouring cap; 1 wine thermometer
  • High quality of finish
  • Adapts to all types of bottlenecks and all types of caps
  • Free Standard Shipping