Red Electric Wine Opener Set

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Description of the Red Set

In addition to the bottle wine opener itself, this kit also contains other accessories that can be used on a bottle of wine aswell.

Presentation of the electric wine opener set
This product comes packed in a beautiful box, and you can already see a preview of its contents in the picture. With its elegant design and quality of finish, it is a fashionable accessory that will satisfy every wine lovers. The bottle wine opener is sturdy and made of stainless steel. Equipped with rechargeable batteries with batteries, its autonomy is about 80 bottles. The box is equipped with other accessories for use with the corkscrew. All of these items allow you to easily use a corkscrew. The red color of the product also gives it a beautiful elegance and makes it fashionable. 

Details of the product

  • Openers Type: Wine
  • Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Red, Silver, Blue
  • The box contains: 1 x Electric Wine Opener, 1 x Vacuum Wine Stopper, 1 x Wine Pourer, 1 x Foil Cutter.
  • Size : 22,5 x 4,5 cm
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The Red Electric Wine Opener Set
The solution to your wine bottle opening problems is finally here. For your parties, dinners, and other events, this is the accessory to have at all costs. The red electric wine opener is what you need if you want to consume your vintages or burgundy in peace.

What are the advantages of this amazing product ?
Its design is the first asset that attracts. The color red is a color of seduction that systematically draws attention to this corkscrew. It is very aesthetic and very practical for any type of user. Since it is an electrical accessory, it works with batteries which allows it to keep enough autonomy to be able to open more than dozens of bottles of wine. To brighten up guests at a christening, wedding, or whatever, all you need is a copy of this corkscrew and that's it. You could easily and very quickly open several bottles of wine so that you don't run out.

Another great thing about this electric wine opener is that it is easy to transport. You can take it anywhere you want without any problem. It is easy to store. In a bag, it can be slipped without any fear. For restaurant owners and others, the red electric wine opener is the must-have corkscrew. It will make you more professional people thanks to the good equipment you have.

The red electric corkscrew box
Composed of several useful accessories, especially for bartenders, the red electric wine opener set is a marvel. Indeed, in this box, you will find not only the red electric corkscrew but also a pouring stopper which will be used to fill your glasses or that of the customers in the standards. This accessory is really necessary for professionals. Thanks to it, the waiter will not have to accidentally spill the drink on the customer or even put too much in the glass. Also in the box is a vacuum stopper. Its role is to facilitate the conservation of your wine. If the opened bottle of wine couldn't be emptied, that's okay. By closing it with the vacuum stopper, your wine will retain its taste until you open it again. It is a kind of lid that not only prevents air from entering the bottle but also prevents it from depreciating the quality of the wine.

Another accessory found in this set is the capsule cutter cap. It is so much easier to remove the cap that covers the wine bottle with this accessory than to do it with your hands.

Why choose the entire set of the red electric wine opener ?
If you buy the red electric wine opener set, you will be delighted. Opening and storing your wine will no longer be a marathon for you. You don't lose anything by making this investment. Plus, to please a wine lover, this is the right gift to think about.