Refined Wine Opener 3 in 1

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Description of the Wine Opener

With the included cutter and wine stopper, you have to remove the foil, that the reason we call this an opener kit. Then use the electric opener to open within 6 seconds of your wine. Because of the dimensions of the Wine Bottle Opener, it is handy to take it with you to work, friends or family. It’s easy to charge with the included micro-USB cable, even into a computer or phone charger. 

This electric wine opener does a good job and creates a very functional and well designed automatic wine bottle opener. It is a great help for wine lovers. It can automatically remove the wine cork without any wood chips falling off isn't it amazing ? 
In about six seconds you can open a bottle without any sweat. Because of the looks, price, and functionality, it becomes a perfect gift!

Details of the product 

  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel
  • Fast Decanter: Gift Sets Bottle Opener
  • Kit ; Size : 252x45 cm /  Weight : 768g
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