Sober Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Description of the Electric Wine Opener

The electric corkscrew can be used in this novel area, it can open a wine bottle in 6 seconds. It will simplify the task and even become more interesting. That is what you want to use in the kitchen.

What can the black electronic corkscrew provide you?

 Since it is automatic and electronic, you only need to put it on the bottle, then activate it, and it can open the bottle by itself. In just a few seconds, your wine is uncorked and ready to be tasted. Its manufacturing material provides you with durability and strength. Investing in it can guarantee its long-term use. In addition, its battery life is long, so you don't need to charge it multiple times. It can open many bottles at once. This is one of the reasons why professionals can also use this opener. It is designed to not be overlooked; this will help you mark or influence your hosts and customers.

A big event is about to happen?

Who would not like the convenience and convenience of using this product? This is the perfect gift that will please wine lovers. With a very advantageous autonomy (approximately 80 bottles), it can be placed on your table and impress your guests. It is a rechargeable electric wine corkscrew that allows you to open fine wines. It is made of aluminum alloy and is known for its elegance. It not only guarantees strength, but also guarantees ergonomic design, and has a pleasant touch.

Details of the product 

  • Material : Metal, Stainless Steel
  • 3 different types
  • Free Standard Shipping