Vinomaster Wine Opener

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Description of the Vinomaster Wine Bottle Opener 

The Vinomaster is one of the best when it comes to wine openers. The reason why we're comfortable saying this is because a lot of time was spent on the design and performance of the product with the emphasis on correcting some of the flaws of other products you might see on the market.
Offers Smooth Level Action Opening Through Efficient and Durable Design
The big advantage of the Wine Opener is that you can simply place it on top of the cork and pull out the cork by one simple motion of the lever. As you push the lever down, the spiral worm will slide into any cork (whether synthetic or natural), with it smoothly leaving the bottle as you pull up the lever again!
Great Wine Gift with Sleek Packaging
The sleek buckle box in which the wine opener is placed, makes it a great item for gift giving to wine lovers or those new to wine. Looking for the perfect wedding, anniversary, or birthday gift? Look no further, since the Vinomaster Wine Opener is guaranteed to make anyone's day!
Includes Bonus Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral Worm
The bonus handheld foil cutter effortlessly prepares wine bottles for serving. The 4-wheel system with razor-sharp blades quickly removes foil and the one-step operation requires no more than a quarter turn of the wrist. The spare spiral worm ensures that you'll always have the Vinomaster available, even when you're washing the other.