Wine Bottle Shaped Accessories Set

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Description of the Wine Bottle Shaped Set 

This irresistible Wine Accessories Set is a product that will immerse you in the world of wine cellars. Both by its shape and its manufacturing material, it is a perfect invitation to wine waiters and amateurs.

Presentation of the box
Made with a unique shape, this set is an original product and contains a corkscrew and many accessories. It has a raised design and is above all very practical. Good value for money, it is suitable for both penologists and wine lovers.

Strong points of the box
That wine accessories set stands out from the crowd. Red to wine, it is discreet, but above all elegant. Like its containers, it is a quality product. Made of quality materials, it is resistant and above all very practical. The corkscrew is easy to use with a good grip.

Beyond its aesthetic appearance, this wine accessories set can be easily wrapped around a bottle for serving your invités and will allow you to easily enjoy your vintages.

Treat yourself to this Wine Bottle Shaped Accessories Set, it will satisfy you at a lower cost!

Details of the product

  • The box contains : 1 metal corkscrew ; 1 chromed metal cap ; 1 anti-drip collar (Bacchus collar) ; 1 capsule cutter ; 1 pouring cap
  • Dimensions : 27 x 22 x 7 cm
  • Material : stainless steel
  • The bottle cap is available in 2 colors : Red and Black
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